COVID 19 - Understanding Mortgage Payment Deferral Canada and Eviction Payments

Friday Apr 17th, 2020


The global pandemic of coronavirus or COVID-19 has made hundreds of people jobless in Canada. A majority is worried about paying their home mortgages. It’s important to know here that homeowners going through financial problems are eligible for a mortgage payment deferral up to six months to help ease the financial burden.

The government of Canada has released the new Mortgage Payment Deferral program due to COVID-19. Homeowners can apply for it at any time during this corona crisis.

What is Mortgage Payment Deferral?

If you are wondering about 'what is mortgage payment deferrals?' It's a program that helps individuals facing financial hardship, such as reduced employment or unemployment due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Basically, it's an agreement between you and your lender. It includes that both you and your lender have agreed to suspend or pause the mortgage payments for a specific time. This program is also called a mortgage forbearance agreement, and its temporary measure or mortgage payment deferral agreement.

Once the agreement is over, your mortgage payments will return to normal and the missed payments, including principal and accumulated interest.

How Mortgage Payment Deferrals Help?

The mortgage deferral program helps people struggling to make their mortgage payments by allowing them to skip mortgage payments for a specified period.

What Happens to the Deferred Payments?

The mortgage deferral agreement does not eliminate or cancel the debt you owe. Once the agreement ends, you will have to resume payment according to your scheduled payment method.

Also, it is important to note that the interest that hasn't been paid during the deferral period continues to be added to the outstanding principal of your mortgage. However, it will affect the whole amount owed under the original payment schedule.

Therefore, you will have to repay the amounts of the skipped payments, including both regular and interest.

How to Repay the Deferred Amounts?

The repayment of the deferral amounts will depend on the lender and situation.

The interest on your mortgage, which was not paid during the deferral period, will continue to be applied to the mortgage's remaining principal. If your payments start again, the mortgage payment will be based on the total sum you owe to pay your mortgage in keeping with the original schedule of payment.

Important Note: Mortgage payment deferrals are only for your mortgage. Hence, there won't be any changes in other payments regularly withdraws, including disability/life insurance and property taxes.

Are You Eligible for a Mortgage Payment Deferral? Find Out!

It is up to your bank, lender, or mortgage professional that whether you are eligible for a mortgage payment deferral or not.

Which Platforms Are Helping with Mortgage Deferrals?

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, CMHC, is offering deferred payments during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mortgage insurers give borrowers a range of services that can help you when you're in financial difficulty and unable to meet your mortgage obligations.

What are the Options?

The payment deferral program is for those individuals who are unable to pay their next mortgage. However, if you are in a position to make payments, you should do it.

If you think you're not going to be able to afford your daily mortgage payment — at any point in this crisis — it's crucial for you to take decisive action. If you miss a deposit, contact your bank or mortgage provider immediately.

Eviction Bans and Suspensions to Support Renters

In response to this outbreak, the government of Canada has proposed COVID-19 Economic Response Plan to help Canadians pay their rent and have food on the table.

The CMHC has asked the lenders or housing providers to support the mortgage payment deferrals. Lenders have a vital role to play during this tough time. The CMHC says that all landlords are expected to pass their savings on to tenants and refrain from evictions until the COVID-19 crisis is resolved.

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