COVID19 – Tips for Homebuilders Moving to Online Sales

Wednesday Oct 07th, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every part of our lives - no industry has been left unscarred. For those in the new home industry, where consumers still appreciate the personal connection and in-person interaction before signing on the dotted line, things can be very demanding. After all, a house remains the most significant buy that most people make in their lifetime. But when model homes and exhibition centers are closed, how do developers handle the pandemic and keep selling?

It's not that complicated. In fact, now is the perfect time to modernize your operations and get ready to sell online.

Through this turbulent time, we have come up with a guide to assist potential home sellers with recommended steps that developers should take to move into a digital sales office and start selling homes online.

01 – Make A Sales Presentation

Condense valuable information about your creation into a one-page brochure, which is simple to follow. Tell your story by explaining explicitly what you are selling and by including specific details such as the availability of your product, site plan, pricing, and floor plans. Ideally, as you would in a face-to-face sales talk, this fits the 'macro to micro' strategy. Also, send an email to your servers, inform them of your online sales change, and provide a connection to book an appointment. To add a personal touch, make sure to include a picture of your salesperson.

Add this email as your auto-reply, and then any person who registers will get the email to book an online appointment. Somewhere with a hint of some sort, add another call-to-action button (e.g., see our latest design!). You'll know who opens this email and who's clicking on the button, even if they don't book an appointment so that you can follow up with those people via email/phone/text.

02 – Set up Appointments with Potential Buyers

Several applications are free to download and make appointments easy to set up. Customers can book an appointment themselves by selecting a 15-minute time slot available during the day.

After they have booked, they will receive a notification of their reservation via email and then a confirmation leading up to the scheduled date. Such emails can provide a connection to Zoom / GoTo meet for a virtual appointment and can be added to their Google calendars.

03 – Arrange Video Meetings

You've never heard about using Zoom during this pandemic before. The platform for video conferencing has become increasingly popular as students, companies, and celebrities around the world connect remotely while isolating themselves.

Zoom lets you link to a meeting quickly, share your screen to show your sales pitch, and see the person as though you were sitting face-to-face. Clients can either connect to the conference by downloading the app or by logging in through their browser without downloading the program.

04 – Get e-signatures with DocuSign

Real estate agents in the resale industry have also been using DocuSign software to facilitate the processing and signing of legal documents for their customers. DocuSign enables consumers to sign electronically PDF documents, which can be submitted to all interested parties, including homebuilders, sales teams, and lawyers. When the prospective buyer is ready to buy, you can pull up the agreement on your computer to walk through it and explain how to sign into DocuSign.

05 – Congratulate Them via Email

Once the documents are signed and the deal is finalized, be sure to give your client a message of congratulations. Include the next steps, such as where to submit deposits, when their appointment for decoration will be, and who they can contact if they have any questions. It will help alleviate buyers' remorse, which is likely to arise in times like these.

06 – Accept Deposits Using Bank Wire Transfers

Speak to your bank about accepting deposit wire transfers. After this has been set up, you will provide all relevant details and guidance to customers in the email that will be sent directly after the order. Instead of sending a courier to pick them up, buyers can mail their deposit checks to your office. Make sure all the checks are included in the follow-up letter.

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