Secrets Real Estate Agents Never Tell

Tuesday Aug 18th, 2020


Whether it’s about listing your home at the right price or having an open house, following are the real estate secrets that will help you sell your home in a faster and easier way. Let’s go through these secrets together!

01 – Your Open House is More Helpful for Agents

“Open house is usually more beneficial for agents as it helps them get more clients than selling your home,” explains Daniele Sica. Open houses are a tool for any agent who wants to gain more buyers. On the bright side, open houses work for clients as well, only if everything is done right. It is up to the location and price of your home, and how quickly everything is changing in the market.

02 – Declutter the Mess

A good decluttering is the key to sell your house faster. But, if you get a last-minute call from your agent to show your home, and you haven’t cleaned your house, do not turn down the offer. A potential buyer is more concerned about the layout of the house than a dirty floor or a few dirty dishes in the sink.

03 – Consider a Low Offer 

When it comes to selling your house, it’s better to sell it as early as possible rather than waiting for the perfect buyer to come along. The reason is that the longer you wait, the less likely you will receive a full price offer. Nobody wants to buy the house that is sitting on the market for months, and you can still counteroffer.

04 – Ask to Get What You Paid for

Most sellers make the same mistake of hiring the best real estate agent to get the star treatment. However, what usually happens is your work is passed on to a junior or assistant agent. Before hiring an agent, ask them how involved they will be with the selling process. It will help you figure out whether it’s worth investing this much money or not. is the perfect platform in Canada to help you sell your house at the right price. From guiding to listing your home, these experts make sure to do everything in the best manner.

05 - Read Before You Sign

Whether you hire an agent for buying or selling, be sure to read the contract carefully before signing it. Some real estate agents are charging hidden fees despite the commission they earn. These hidden fees are mentioned with different names, such as Administrative Fees and Real Estate Transaction Fees. It’s better to ask for the terms that you don’t understand specified in the contract. It will save you from hiring a scam company.

06 - Don’t Skip the Final Walk-through

People get super excited about moving into a new home that they neglect to have a final walk-through. No matter what, never skip this important step. Because it’s your last chance to make sure that repairs were done correctly.

Owner’s personal items are removed except the ones that you both agreed to have in the house, like light fixtures, washers, and dryers.

07 - Always Go for an Inspection

Most buyers don’t consider having an inspection, especially if the house is in good condition. Inspections can be costly, but it’s essential to check whether the house is in pristine condition or not, by all means. For the full transparency, always choose an inspector of your own choice than using an inspector from your agent’s recommendation.

08 - Be Careful About Realty Websites

It is not like how it seems, and that is the case with most realty websites. Feel free to pull up estimates around the entire neighborhood to educate yourself, but if the real estate agency has only one or two sales in the past six months to a year, you can’t trust them for your property.

To price your home, always choose a realty website that is reliable and trustworthy.

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