Six suggestions for homebuilders transitioning to e-sales due to COVID-19

Wednesday Dec 09th, 2020


The COVID-19 outbreak has changed every part of our lives, and there has been no industry left unaffected. For people in the new home sector, consumers still appreciate the personal linking and in-person interaction before signing on the dotted line, because it is very tricky business. After all,  home is the biggest investment that most individuals make in their lives. But when exhibition centres and designer homes are closed, how can builders handle the pandemic and keep selling?

"It doesn't have to be difficult, now is a perfect time to restructure the processes and get ready to sell online," said Lianne  HYPERLINK ""McOuat, VP Client Service and Strategy at McOuat Partnership, a property investment ad agency located in Markham.

Through this turbulent time, we have created a guide to assist potential home buyers with recommended steps that developers should take to move into a digital selling office and start selling homes online.

Build an e-blast and a sales arrangement:

Condense valuable details regarding the creation into a one-page brochure which is simple to navigate. Tell your landing by explaining explicitly what you are providing and by presenting specific information such as the availability of your product, site plan, pricing and floor plans. It typically fits the 'macro to micro' strategy, much as you would see a face-to-face overview of presentation.

We also recommend that you send an email to your contacts, inform them of your move into online shopping and provide a connection to schedule a meeting. To attach a special touch, make sure to have a snapshot of the salesperson. Consider this message your auto-reply, and then each person who registers can get the email to schedule an online meeting, attach another call-to-action icon or some sort of surprise anywhere (e.g. see our latest design!). You'll know who opens this email and who's clicking on the button, even though they don't schedule a meeting so that you can track with certain people by phone/text/internet.

Set up video meetings:

You've never thought about using online meeting apps during this epidemic before. The medium for video conferencing has become highly common as schools, companies and celebrities around the world connect internationally while isolating themselves. Zoom lets you quickly link to a meeting, display the phone to show the selling message, and see the individual as though you were sitting in front of each other, consumers may either attach to the meeting by installing the app or by connecting through their device, without installing the program.

To receive e-signatures, use DocuSign:

Real estate brokers in the reselling business have also started utilizing DocuSign applications to promote the processing and signing of legal papers for their customers. DocuSign allows consumers to sign electronically signed PDF papers, which may be submitted to all interested people, including homebuilder, sales staff which attorneys. When the prospective customer is happy to pay, you can pull up the document on your phone to step over it and clarify how to register into DocuSign.

Make meet up with new buyers:

Tools such as Calendly is available to access and make it simple to schedule appointments. Customers will schedule an appointment themselves by picking a 15-minute time window open throughout the day. When they reserve, they will get an email update of their booking. Then an alert leading up to the planned date, such notifications will provide a virtual scheduling Zoom meeting connection which can also be linked to their Google Calendars.

Send an update congratulating them for next moves:

While signing all papers and finalizing the deal, make sure to give the President a letter of congratulations. Include subsequent measures, such as where to take deposits, when their appointment for decoration is, and whom they can email should they have any queries. Send this through mobile, as well as via Canada Fax. It should assist alleviate regret from customers and is sure to arise in moments like these.

Deposits are approved using bank fund transfer:

Talk to the bank about allowing deposit wire transfers. If this has been set up, you will provide all necessary details and guidance to customers in the email that will be delivered directly after the order. Instead of having a messenger to pick them up, customers should send the remainder of their deposit checks to the shop, making sure to include in the tracking letter how will making the checks.

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