The best neighborhoods in Toronto to Invest

Friday Nov 20th, 2020


Toronto has experienced tremendous development and growth in the past two decades. Since 1990, the population of Toronto has increased from over 2 million to 6 million; inevitably the housing market is on the rise. People are now looking for quality housing that caters to multiple needs; seeking the best neighborhood in Toronto has now become a priority for a significant number of people. Housing experts say that the biggest benefit of finding an emerging neighborhood in Toronto is that you can reach an agreement on one of the transition areas as it is under development.

If you are looking for a neighborhood in Canada to invest, then safe to say that you are putting your money in the right place. You'll most likely get a good return on investment or enjoy the area for many years for living purposes. These nearby best neighborhoods in Toronto, Canada are diamonds in the rusty countryside of Toronto real estate. Here is a list of the top emerging neighborhoods in Toronto to invest:

Downtown Toronto Condominiums

This is a standard report. Buying a high-quality condominium in the best neighborhood in Toronto is a great investment in 2020.  Investors prefer to buy properties that retain their value and surpass the existing general options. Take, for example, a Red Brick Lofts. People generally don't prefer to live in a condominium (lifestyle decisions don't prove it). People of Toronto want to live in key areas (close to work and friends). It is seen that the baby-boomers reduce and sell larger homes to build a low-maintenance condominium.

Lytton Park and Lawrence Park

The percentage of high-end Toronto neighborhoods has plummeted. As indicated by my media and previous blogs, the impact on the cost of single-family homes is more significant than any other type of home in Toronto. Litton Park and Lawrence Park are mainly independent houses, considered best neighborhoods in Toronto to invest. If you can afford it in 2020 it will be "forever."

Gerrard Street East

Many venture capitalists say that Gerrard Street East is one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto to invest, noting that more and more sophisticated areas have flooded many shops and restaurants in recent years. Compared to other parts of the city, prices are relatively modest, but prices are not expected to continue in future, especially on GO transit and planned new subway lines that should have a bus station.

Regent Park


Regent Park is a low-income neighborhood in Toronto to invest. Although the revival of Regent Park in recent years has been a cause of controversy in Toronto, it has definitely a positive influence on its residents and potential investors. In the area it is seen that low-income housing has enhanced, social services have developed, and condominiums have changed and are developing. Real estate agents in Toronto say that improvements in this growing best neighborhood in Toronto have led Regent Park to increase its market value faster, and its geographical location has now become a priority for people and investors.

Corktown and Riverside

Corktown and Riverside neighborhoods are changing right in front of us. There are two relatively unnoticed (or maybe new) locations where you can invest in apartments. Transport options are good, tramway, and two expressways to pick from DVP and Gardner Expressway. Currently, Tramway Developments’ apartment at the Toyota dealership is fully effective. The Canary area is halfway up the vacant land at the bottom of the Bayview extension. These areas are developing more new housing. It will be a prosperous housing neighborhood and definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto to invest in real estate.

Investment opportunities exist during the period of changes in the real estate market. Understanding the neighborhood past, demographics, and work status and development directions of these neighborhoods will be essential for the future development and current state of entertainment of those living in the area.


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